How To Lay A Floor You Can Be Proud Of

Floor LayingPutting in new ceramic tile floor in your kitchen or bathroom can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, and make your kitchen look elegant and rich at the same time. Ceramic tile floors can last for 30 to 50 years or more, if done right, so it’s important to pick a good quality tile and color that will match the changes in styles for decades.  Let’s take a look at how to lay a floor that you can be proud of for years to come.

Make Sure The Floor Is Good And Solid.

Many floors in older homes can be a little squishy and flexible, which is fine for linoleum or vinyl floors, but not for ceramic tile at all, which needs an inflexible, solid foundation in order not to eventually crack on the grout lines and have a major fail. So if your floor’s a little springy, it’s time to put down concrete tile backer board with ring shank nails or screws to fasten it securely. Then patch the seams with the recommended patch from the building supply store, and you’re good to go.

Rent Or By All The Right Tools.

It’s imperative that you have a good quality tile cutter with a brand-new blade, you also need a handheld tile cutter, some tile nippers, a tile saw, a spreading trowel, a level, a rubber hammer, and a  grout float. Tools that you don’t have you should probably just head on down to the tool rental store to get, tell the clerk what project you’re working on and you most likely he’ll have a complete list of everything you need, ask for a package deal and you might get one. Be sure and ask for any new tips on how to lay a floor.  One thing you’ll notice when you start to do the job, is that laying the tiles in the middle of the floor will go real fast, then trimming and cutting all the tiles on the edge is going to take up more time than all the rest.

Find The Middle Of The Room And Get Started.

Measuring from the edges  find the center point of the room. Then move your center point in order not to have any tiles that are too thin along one edge or the other. Once that is decided make a large cross on your floor using that center point as the middle so you have four separate quarters of the room. Now, start laying full tiles in one quarter working out towards the edge until it comes time that you have to cut a tile, repeat the process for the other quarters as well. Once the whole center of your room has been filed, then it’s time to go around the edge and cut all of the edge pieces, which will be time-consuming.

Time To Do The Grouting.

After the mastic that you used to glue down your tile is sufficiently dried or set, it’s time to do the grouting. Mix up plenty of grout, put on your knee pads, grab the float and start squishing the grout into all the joints, being careful not to miss any. Use diagonal motions across the grout joints in order to get a uniform look. Once the grout has set for several hours take a damp sponge and wipe the services of the tiles until they’re clean while making sure that all the grout joints are smooth and level at the same time.

The first time that you lay a ceramic floor it may seem that all the steps are little overwhelming. However, once you’ve gone through it step by step and followed the instructions, you’ll have plenty of confidence that you know how to lay a floor.