Three Common Plumbing Problems

fixing clogged drainRegardless of where you live, you can never escape some common plumbing problems. People all over the world experience various plumbing problems that prove to be quite a common household dilemma. While you can easily solve most of these problems yourself, you should consider calling in professional plumbers for those stubborn ones.

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The following are the three most common plumbing problems:

Leaking Faucets

Everyone hates the dripping sound at the faucet. It becomes quite frustrating that regardless of how tight you close the tap it keeps on dripping. Before you pick up a phone to call a plumber you should consider unscrewing the tap, replacing the tap, and screwing it back on. If you do this and the dripping continues then call a plumber.

 Frozen Pipes

If you live in an area that experiences extremely cold weather at times then the problem of frozen pipes will not be new to you. For frozen pipes, it is advisable to call in professional plumbers to help thaw out the frozen portions to ensure that you have a continuous flow of water.
Alternatively, you can attempt to solve the problem by yourself. Open up the tap and locate the frozen portion of the pipe. Usually only a single portion of the whole pipeline is frozen. Once you locate this portion, use a hair dryer to thaw it out and wait for water to start flowing again.

Clogged Drains

These are usually the commonest plumbing problems but also the hardest to solve. Most of the time you do not even know the real cause of the blockage and this makes it hard to solve. However, you can use several tools to unclog drains such as plungers, drain rods, and pumps. If you have a stubborn blockage then you should call in a professional plumber.

In conclusion, the three most common plumbing problems are clogged drains, frozen pipes, and leaking faucets. If you attempt to solve any of these problems by yourself but fail then you should call in a professional plumber. R & K Plumbing And Heating is a local plumbing  company in Yonkers. You can checkout their official Facebook page here.